Shot Bar

EST. | 2020

Chuo 2 2-21 Ueda-machi,

Iwaki City, Fukushima 974-8261

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We aim to provide food and drink for Iwaki residents, working youth, overseas guest workers and inbound tourists in a properly managed New York Brooklyn-style restaurant.

 With our guest worker staff serving customers in natural English, we also aim to create a space where Japanese people can comfortably enjoy English conversation with food and drinks. This English conversation community is the first of its kind in Iwaki and was inspired by other eating-drinking establishments and my previous overseas volunteer activities.

 We are also developing a regular weekly service limited to guest workers and permanent residents living in Iwaki.
 We are also working with police and legal professionals in an initiative to improve the morals of restaurant managers.
 We are also undertaking initiatives to improve the living environment in order to increase the number of guest workers in Iwaki.

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Quality Range of Drinks

Bar ROOM offers a range of fine quality drinks, including beer-on-tap, highball, whiskies, cocktails, shots and much more.

Our theme is the management of a café and bar where English is the official language.

However, this is mainly natural English conversation only.

This is unlike your typical English conversation lessons or English classes. Instead, we emphasize naturally occurring English conversation similar to such situations as in the airport or hotel lobby during an overseas trip.

Our establishment’s selling point is the feeling that you have gone on an overseas vacation as soon as you come inside.

We are also involved in regional development and revitalization, disaster management, crime prevention, promotion of urban planning, rejuvenation of depopulated areas, social education, parenting support, social welfare and improving the living environment for guest workers.

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​ あくまで自然な会話

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​     空間を提供

Bar ROOM refuses, under any circumstances, to provide any services to any groups or individuals associated with organized criminal organizations or related parties based on the Organized Crime Exclusion Ordinances of Fukushima Prefecture (Fukushima Prefecture Ordinance No. 51) and Iwaki City (Iwaki City Ordinance No. 41)



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